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Types of Banquet halls

Indoor weddings, events, and birthday parties are fab these days and many people can’t resist the fancy decorations and fantastic lighting that comes with them, not to forget the comfort and control that the event planner has in an indoor wedding. And when it comes to indoor weddings, banquet halls provide the best venues possible. Why won’t they? They are designed for this purpose only. But even then there are numerous types of banquet halls that the couple can choose from to fit their wedding theme, style, or budget. This article will help you decide which type of banquet hall is best suited for you.

Types of Banquet halls
Primarily there are multiple types of banquet halls, based mostly on the setup and service.

1. Based on the Setup
Based on the setup, there are 7 types of setups that can be organized in a banquet hall.

1.1 Wedding Style:
Wedding style arrangement requires round tables to be set up in different locations scattered throughout the banquet hall; the tables closer to the stage are often reserved for families and might require special attention.

1.2 Board Meeting Style:
Weddings and parties aren’t the only things that take place in a banquet hall these days, a lot of corporate meetings and inter-company meetups are hosted in banquet halls for their privacy and quality. Setup for such meetings requires a long and big rectangular table with chairs located around it in an even manner.

1.3 Herringbone Style:
This setup is perfect for events that involve performances. The chairs are set up slanting to the stage so that each row has a clear view of the stage.

1.4 Hollow Square Style:
If you have a large number of guests then hollow square style is a very appropriate setup for your event. The tables are joined in a square formation so that there is a hollow space in the middle, this allows the guests to face each other and allows maximum interaction which is necessary to make an event lively.

1.5 Lecture Training Style: Common and reminiscent of school, it involves a partition or gap between two sections of columns and allows for a maximum seating capacity of the hall.

1.6 Schoolroom:
Schoolroom setup is the same as the lecture training setup but with each row having a table in front of it.

1.7 U Style:
U style is a unique and rarely used setup that involves three long tables arranged to make a “U” design; the chairs are only lined on one side of the “U”. This setup is ideal for discussions and dinner parties.

2. Based on the Service
Next, we have different types of services that may influence your choice of banquet.

2.1 Buffet:
Buffet is the most common type of service, ideal for a large number of guests. There is a buffet line which people pass through and serve food to themselves. It is an efficient service type and requires minimum input. The only issue is that it requires a constant food supply.

2.2 Reception:
More popular in other countries, reception service involves snacks and a light food palette which people enjoy while chatting and enjoying each other's company.

2.3 Plated:
In this service, the guests are seated and the servers bring the food to them. The style is more prominent in formal events and conferences or formal dinners.

So these were some of the types of banquets that one may find in the market, which one is best for your event?


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