The City Pride by Rama

The most premium venue fo your celebrations
The City Pride

The City Pride is the answer for those who are looking for an elegant place to host an event in a locale that personifies elegance and class. The Rama group launched this venue with a vision to bring to the people a class apart from Banquet and Event Hall at reasonable pricing. Located in the bustling Noida city, the location is regarded as one of the best-rated banquet halls in the area.


The City Pride event hall has two primary halls which can be used for a multitude of events, the aesthetics are a mix and match of traditional and formal settings and that is why they work with any type of event if you are looking to host informal events such as birthday parties, bachelor parties, wedding ceremonies, talent shows, competitions, etc, you can very easily arrange for a stage for those, even formal events such as corporate meets, inauguration ceremonies, and even exhibitions can be very easily managed by The City Pride.

Ambiance and Aesthetics

This is just one of the many reasons that City Pride is regarded as the go-to banquet venue for the people of Noida. The banquet hall also offers tons of other services that are essential to hosting a successful and endearing event that will make your guests leave with a smile on their faces.

Talking more about the aesthetics and the looks of the place, the banquet offers beautiful classy yet traditional decor matched with optimum lighting from massive chandeliers that compliment the amazing colors of the place. The best part of the deal is that the event hall offers their in-house decor team as a service that you can hire and customize the halls as per your wishes and needs. This feature really adds to the versatility of the place. People tend to book The City Pride on the spot due to its amazing visuals when compared to other banquets in Noida.

Food and Cuisine

The banquet offers a very comprehensive menu for both veg and non-veg catering options. The guests can enjoy a variety of options in snacks, the main course, and even desserts. You can customize the entrees and enjoy tons of amazing snacks that the place has to offer. The guests will be thrilled with the taste of the delicacies, this is evident by tons of reviews left online detailing the quality and taste of the food that they enjoyed while attending an event at the Banquet. The banquet hall offers four different meal options two for veg platings and two for non-veg ones. The basic per plate price starts from around 1600 for veg and 1800 for non-veg and then increases as you add more and more dishes, although pricing varies from booking sites to other agents it is a good estimate to take. Any option you go for you will surely be satisfied with the dishes offered to you in it, from amazing soft bread including Amritsari kulcha to feisty main courses such Murgh Makhani and Kashmiri soya chops, your guest will be left licking their fingers.

Additional services

We have covered in-house decorators, amazing catering services, and even aesthetics, and yet The City Pride has more to offer, whether you want to book a wedding hall or a place to conduct your seminar you can surely use all these additional services to your advantage. Your guests can enjoy the valet parking service after their drive to the venue, which is very easy to locate and is very near to the sector 51 metro station in Noida.

Live your party up

The banquet provides their in-house DJ to provide your event with the musical ambiance and vibes to make it more lively and happening. The DJ provided is an expert at living up to your event and you also don’t have to worry about the timing.

What events can I host at The City Pride Banquet?

As mentioned earlier the features of the venue allow for almost any event to be hosted in its amazing party halls. The City Pride is more than perfect for functions such as wedding functions, birthday parties, formal events, cocktail parties, and even seminars or lectures. That pretty much covers all the events that usually occur in such gatherings.


The City Pride has two halls and both of them have a capacity of around 80-100 guests in seating and around 175 in floating. You can very easily book both the halls and accommodate around 400+ guests for your larger events. Although comparatively smaller than other options, the Rama Group of banquets maintains the same level of quality in its looks and design, food, and most importantly its services and welcoming attitude. When talking about numbers The City Pride has around____Sq Ft. of the area under its roof.

The City pride, similar to all the Rama venues, provides the best for its customers and guests and strives to do beyond the regular expectations, we welcome you to join us in arranging your occasions with a hearty service and commendable standards.