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Indoor weddings vs Outdoor weddings

There are a lot of types of people in the world. They have different characteristics and tastes, everyone is a dynamic human in their regard, so why should we stick to a single type of wedding celebration?

Over the years new conceptual and themed wedding functions have become more and more prominent and popular among the people. Weddings now aren’t generic functions with the same appeal, they are distinct and unique. Although these weddings can still be classed into two major groups- Outdoors and Indoors weddings. Choosing one is the first step in wedding planning as all the other decisions have to follow the suit. Choosing an outdoor or indoor wedding depends on multiple factors such as the date of the wedding, location, theme, number of guests, etc. An indoor wedding is an elegant banquet that can be decorated with sparkling lights whereas an outdoor venue brings breathtaking sceneries and visuals with a larger area for your functions. With both the options being so alluring and having a persona of their own it can be a difficult choice to make.

If you are on the fence as to which one you should go for, here are some of the pointers which will help you make a decision.

Indoor wedding:
If you are the type of gal who has always dreamt of having a beautiful ballroom filled with decorations or having a ceremony on top of your favorite hotel building touching the skies, an indoor wedding venue should be your choice. Indoor weddings provide more comfort and control to the occasion and have more capacity for decor and customization.

Pros :

1) Increased Intimacy:
When all the factors are of your choosing and the scenario is perfect because it can be controlled then you can put your whole soul and mind on the actual wedding ceremony and not worry about whether a gush of wind will blow away your decorations.

2) Design Customizability:
You get a whole banquet that can be decorated as per your whims and fancies. These rooms are designed to facilitate the decoration process and you automatically have more control over what you want and where exactly you want it. This also makes the process a lot easier as you don’t have to come up with special solutions for hooking up or putting up decor and artifacts.

3) No Weather Worries:
Not only you won't have to worry about rain or wind or rely on the sun to have your perfect day, but you can also control aspects such as lightning and temperature so that the whole wedding can be celebrated in comfort and joy.


1) Space Constraint:
Although you can change the look of the room you cannot control its dimensions and size, so if your guests decide to bring more than what they responded with, then you might be running out of space faster than you can manage.

2) Expense:
The option of great customizability comes with greater expenses. You have to rent out the location which in the wedding season can skyrocket in prices. Add the cost of decor to that, along with the labor charges, you better make sure you have a big budget if you want to host an indoor wedding.

Outdoor wedding
An outdoor venue immediately speaks to the heart of those who are more outgoing and like to go on an adventure but is surely not limited to that specific group of people. An Outdoor wedding has lots of benefits and creates a very distinct aura that your guests are sure to remember. If you are looking for your wedding to have that aura make sure to read till the end.


1) Scenery:
Although choosing venues for an outdoor wedding can require more brainstorming than any indoor wedding, when done right it creates the most beautiful and enchanting visuals for your wedding. Watching the sunset in the hills or completing your “pheras” under the beautiful and starry night sky. Even with all the decorations, it can be very tough to beat an outdoor setting.

2) Fun for Everyone:
Outdoor weddings have a lot more breathing space so that your guests aren’t constrained to one place, they can have a gala time on their own. Children can run about, uncles can gather around for a hearty talk without disturbing anyone.

3) Unrestricted Space:
One thing that comes de facto with an outdoor venue is the abundance of space. You can have grander and larger stages, more seating capacity, and overall better breathing space. You can also make the occasion more fun by adding some wedding games to make sure no one snoozes off.


1) Rental Cost:
Unlike indoor weddings you have to rent out everything, from chairs to tent, compounding the cost of all these things can make your wallet lighter than you would want it to be. Although if everything is done right the whole occasion will surely be more rewarding as well.

2) Natural Impediments:
Rain, wind, unexpected weather change, and the worst of all bugs. These irritating aspects are bound to arise in an outdoor wedding, so make sure you have prepared solutions to counter them.

Both indoor and outdoor weddings are great if executed correctly. Indoors weddings are the safer and more secure option of the two and require less planning as well, whereas an outdoor wedding has more life and fun in it and if all goes well can be far more rewarding and memorable. So, make sure you give the article a good read before jumping to a decision.


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