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Latest bridal entry designs in 2022

The season of weddings and matrimonial affiliation is here, everyone is excited for the new bride and groom-to-be to start their new lives and begin a journey towards a new future together. This journey cannot go uncelebrated. Even our wedding rituals and customs are very grand and elaborative so it only makes sense to up the ante even more, to stand apart from the crowd.

The auspicious and breathtaking custom of the Bride’s entry is one of the most important events of the whole ceremony, the grandeur with which it is executed represents that the family of the groom wholeheartedly accepts the bride as one of their own family members and also welcomes her as one. Over the years, this ritual has been celebrated with distinguished musical entries and flowers to visualize the joy felt by the family. This special moment holds a very important place in the bride’s heart as well. As all the attention is on her, she strives to make a memorable entrance and create a presence with her entry.

In modern times, this ritual has seen a lot of changes as brides try to find new and exciting ways to add pizazz or more grace to their entrance, so here are some of the latest bridal-entry trends that you can go for in 2022.
Latest Bridal Entry Trends for 2022

1) Take a boat ride as your entry :
Destination weddings are getting more and more common as cities and towns become more crowded and polluted. If you are having a destination wedding at a coastal location, hopping on a boat and entering the ceremony is the best idea for the thematic wedding.

2) Ride your way:
A very empowering and assertive trend that a lot of women are following these days is riding on a bike to their wedding, which used to be a scene only in movies this quirky take on what is considered to be a sensitive ritual will surely make it memorable, if you are motorhead then it is all the more reason to hop on the wheels and arrive at your wedding in style.

3) Flower power:
If you are more of a traditionalist and you still want to make a memorable entrance then you must go with a “phulo ki chadar”. A flowery umbrella that you can customize with your favorite species of flowers. If you are having a themed wedding you should choose the flowers with the matching color or theme. With thousands of varieties, you can create tons of combinations and add a pretty flair to your bridal entrance.

4) Be the Queen you are:
Hiring a rath or palki for your grand entrance is the definition of royalty in modern times. As you are lifted high you can feel the attention that you attract by being the beautiful queen that you are.

5) Horsing around:
How about breaking the stereotypes and the conventions and riding in your wedding mandap on a magnificent steed. This gender bender on the ritual is gaining a lot of attention and with it, you can too. You can start planning from right this moment and take some horse-riding lessons to further up your game.

So these were some quirky and off-the-norm bridal entry trends that the bride-to-be can consider going for on her big day. From the mild derivation of the ritual to extremely independent and empowering ones, you can choose any one of them or mix and match to create even more impact on your wedding day. After all, why should boys have all the fun?


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