The Rama Banquet

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The Grand Rama Ceremonial

What does the Rama Banquet offer?

The Rama Banquet takes pride in the quality of its services, only a few handfuls of other banquets provide the same level of quality in their services. Next is the variety and number of services it has to offer.

Amazing looks of the Banquet

The venue is a class apart when it comes to looks and decor, it has a very regal aesthetic and creates a very lively yet sophisticated ambiance for the events. The venue also offers a dedicated decorator you can work with to theme the place according to your event. With textured walls, themed as per the event, top-of-the-quality furniture, a beautiful stage, and even more fantastic lighting, all your guests would want to get their pictures taken in this luxury marriage hall.

Size and Capacity of Party Hall

Rama Banquet is a fairly huge banquet hall with a single hall covering____ sq ft. of area, it can easily host up to 2000 guests in its hall. This huge capacity opens the door to so many things that you can conduct in your event, it also offers a few outdoor lounges so that you can take your event to new heights. This mix of the indoor and outdoor venue is an amazing feature and is very useful in events such as weddings and talent shows.

Talking more about the aesthetics and the looks of the place, the banquet offers beautiful classy yet traditional decor matched with optimum lighting from massive chandeliers that compliment the amazing colors of the place. The best part of the deal is that the event hall offers their in-house decor team as a service that you can hire and customize the halls as per your wishes and needs. This feature really adds to the versatility of the place. People tend to book The City Pride on the spot due to its amazing visuals when compared to other banquets in Noida.


On top of the large capacity, the Rama Banquet also offers multiple guest rooms so that your guests can relax in between events or change into different attires as per their wishes. This helps the guests or host get a rest in between the long functions and enjoy pre-wedding functions to the fullest.

Delicious Food by the Rama Banquet

One thing you will find common in all the reviews about Rama Banquet is the amazing look of the place and the tasty food offered by their catering services. The banquet hall offers a huge variety of food on its vegetarian menu. You can customize almost all the meals starting from the entrees to the desserts. The catering service is also commendable, all meals are served on time and are monitored so that they won’t run out of food at the wrong time. A hungry guest is often not a happy guest.

Easy to Reach & Valet Parking

Located in sector 52, the heart of the city, the venue is very easy to reach by metro as well as roadways, your guests will have no trouble finding the location as well. The banquet hall also offers valet services so that your guests won’t have to bother with finding a parking spot and can go straight to your event and enjoy the occasion.

Event Management Team of Rama Banquet

The banquet group offers their in-house event management team called Rama Events, who are trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of the venue, they work round the clock so that you won’t have to micromanage every small detail of your event, simply explain the event to them and give them all the details about it and they will handle the rest, the theming, managing caterers, organizing the event on time and all the rest of the worries will be handled by them. This frees you from the burden of managing everything and you can simply cater to your guests and enjoy your occasion.

All these services are high-end features in the banquet industry, the quality of the product and service is another virtue of the banquet. We hope that you choose the Rama Group of Banquets for your ventures and allow us to cater to your needs.