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We all love to celebrate occasions and events. They are often the reason that brings the family and friends closer. A function is a chance for you to let go of your daily troubles and enjoy an occasion with your cherished company, whether it is a marriage, birthday party, bachelor’s event or even a simple dinner party. We all need such events in our lives to unwind from our routine and celebrate and enjoy. Although hosting or conducting such an event is another headache in itself, you have to do months of planning, manage multiple services, arrange dozens of facilities, invite all the guests, manage time, stick to a budget, and even on the day of celebration you can’t just let go of these responsibilities. You have to make sure everything is on time and is being played out well without any hiccups, and in case mishaps do occur, you will have to be prepared to deal with them as well that is why the Rama Group of banquets presents to you Rama events, our official event management service.

What are exactly Event planners?

In today’s time, an event planner is a highly reputed job and there is a huge demand for them in the market. The value of these celebrations is getting higher and higher and that is why people don't want to lose out on them, so they hire a professional to manage their affairs. Many banquet services and hotels also hire “on-call” planners permanently and rent them out to their customers. Event planners are becoming must-hire personnel for occasions such as grand birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, corporate retreats, and other celebrations. Event planners are people who are trained in organizing these events with their skills of budgeting, management, multi-tasking, time management, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Rama Events - The Event Planner

Rama Events is an event management team from the reputed Rama group of Banquets in Delhi NCR. With a number of banquet halls offered by the group we often employ our team of wedding planners to customers to help them organize the event and theme it as per their wishes.

Rama Events team not only consists of event planners but decorators as well. We hire people from the design industry so that the venue reflects the aesthetics of your events. Our services can be employed for any type of event whether you have booked the halls for large-scale wedding functions or a small dinner party, the teams are equipped to handle all cases and scenarios when it comes to events and celebrations. The service is most popular for the elegant traditional themes with regal floral decorations and elegant vedi setups such as floral decors, customized as well as personalized decorations, and unique bride & groom entry arrangements as well. We also open the customization options and offer you a wide range of color palettes, the team will always put your opinions on priority when designing and hosting the event. The service is offered in multiple banquet halls by the Rama group spread across different parts of Noida, Delhi NCR. Serving for more than 30 yrs, one of the most renowned & oldest event planners & decorators in Noida with 4000+ events planned & organized including festivals, corporate, religious, weddings, pre-wedding celebrations and much more.

If you are looking to host a luxurious and elegant event with a minimum amount of stress and running about, then Rama Events should be your choice without a doubt.

Our team under Rama Events can handle it all from designing to catering to finally conducting your event so that you can enjoy every bit of it with your family and friends.