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Noida is a city that is filled up to its brim with life and people, it has everything to offer in almost all the sectors. We have corporate offices and headquarters here, a residential area next, amazing malls and entertainment venues, reputable schools and universities along with greenery and nearby located sanctuaries.

The residents of this city have immediate access to almost everything one can wish for. It’s another reason that many banquet business groups decided to invest in the location and set up amazing banquet and wedding halls in the different sectors of this amazing city. Numerous banquets can be found in Noida with one of the best services and facilities. These wedding halls or event halls are made with versatility in mind and can be used for many formal and informal events.

Informal events
If you are planning to throw a big birthday party, marriage reception, wedding ceremonies, bachelors party, award shows, talent shows, and even school events and ceremonies then you should book these banquet venues, they provide you with both outdoor lounges and indoor halls so that you can customize your events without a hitch. Informal events benefit the most from the aesthetics and the set-up of these banquet venues.

Formal events
Formal events include mostly state-sponsored gatherings, corporate functions, seminars, and even club ball dances. These events usually require the guests to adhere to a certain set of rules such as dress code and table behaviour. Banquet halls’ large spaces and hospitable services work with these events as well. Some hotels also have a separate banquet hall for such formal events and are also considered a great alternative to the banquets.

Banquet halls in Noida
As mentioned earlier Noida is filled with amazing banquet halls and offers a variety in its searches. If you are looking to host such events in the city, here is a list of the best wedding halls that you can refer to for your search.

Best Banquets in Noida

1) Rama Banquet:
The original and first banquet by the group The Rama banquet is an epitome of luxury and quality. The banquet has two wedding halls and has a capacity of around 2000 guests. This grand banquet venue also has a minimum capacity of 50 people, which makes it ideal to host any type of event whether formal or informal. They also have other amazing services such as valet parking, in-house alcohol, DJ, decor team, event management team, along with guest rooms and non-veg and veg plating options. This amazing event hall is located in Noida sector 52.

2) The City Pride by Rama:
One of the most desirable venues in the heart of the city( Noida sector 51). The City Pride is one of the most favoured options from the Rama group. The wedding hall offers two halls which can accommodate around 500 guests. The small capacity should not be an indicator of its services, the guests have left amazing reviews of its services, which include easy valet parking, delicious catering ( veg + non-veg), on-demand decor, and an event management team. The venue is ideal for small wedding receptions and other parties of the same size.

3) Rama Celebrations:
It is an exquisite venue by the Rama group. The Rama Celebrations has the versatility to host any type of event in its twin halls with a capacity of around 800 guests. It's a perfect choice for medium-sized parties and events. The wedding and event hall is located very near to the sector 51 metro station so your guests won’t have any trouble finding or reaching their party destination. Rama Celebrations offers valet parking for your guests and other services such as an event management team, in-house decorator, DJ, veg, and non-veg plating options, and an amazing experience for you and your guests.

4) The Grand Rama Ceremonial:
This behemoth of a banquet hall, both in terms of size and luxury offers top-of-the-shelf services. It has three fantastic wedding halls and a capacity of around 1500 guests. Your guests can enjoy guest rooms, valet parking, an alcohol bar, and tons of plating options (veg & non-veg). The Grand Ceremonial is located in Greater Noida and is very easy to reach. You can throw lavish parties here or choose the banquet hall for the classic big fat Indian wedding.

5) Ayatti:
The venue is beautifully decorated and has amazing decor paired with perfect celebration aesthetics. The banquet hall has a capacity of around 1000 guests. It offers amazingly delicious catering services along with guest rooms. Ayatti is a perfect wedding hall for medium to small ceremonies and parties.

Closing Words
These were some of the Banquet halls located in the city of Noida. All the venues have the ultimate level of service and do not lack hospitality. We wish you the best.


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