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Tips to manage wedding budgets

Marriage is an age-old convention that deepens the ties of society as it bonds families and creates an atmosphere of amenity and joy. To mark such a bond, the occasion of the wedding is celebrated in a very grand manner in our country, India, the preparations begin months before the actual wedding day and the whole event lasts for a week and in some cultures even more so.

Why is Managing Wedding Budget Tough?
The process can last for a long time as preparations begin months before, the final days of the wedding are exhausting and are filled with events and ceremonies. This can surely take a toll on someone organizing it all and that is why most people these days tend to go for an event planner to ease their burden.

Hiring an event planner creates another expenditure source. Taking all the events and services into account, having a wedding function is a very economically straining event. Some people have to spend their entire life’s savings on these wedding functions. Let’s list how many things you have to pay for when you are trying to host even a decent marriage function. Starting with food and catering services, tents and equipment rental, stay + other facilities, venue rental, event planner, clothes shopping, decoration, priest and other personnel, gifts, transportation, etc. These are just macro expenditures one has to keep some rain money in the account as well along with other micro expenditures. This surely puts a heavy strain on your wallet or bank account.

Also, keep in mind that this is the list of fundamental wedding function requirements as you try to move up the scale of fancy and extravagant weddings the prices also move up and not always in a nice proportional manner.

To keep you from going bankrupt from the wedding expenditures, here is a list of some of the tips and tricks you can employ to save money while having the most out of the services you hire.

6 Tips To Manage The Wedding Budget

1. Create an Estimated Expenditure Budget:
First and foremost is a very fundamental yet vital step in having a wallet-friendly wedding. Create your budget, by having a distinct idea about the total budget you can then choose very particular services that will not create a drastic imbalance in your wedding.

2. Choose the Correct Venue:
The venue is the centerpiece of the wedding and it costs accordingly. Make sure you don't overpay for your venue and also make sure to book it well in advance so that you won't have to pay a premium for it.

3. Rent it/ Stitch it:
We all know how expensive bridal shopping can be and in today’s time even the groom’s outfit can cost a pretty penny. The wisest and most economical decision to make would be to buy your cloth material and then have it stitched, it is much, much cheaper than buying readymade attire and as a bonus point, you also can have a perfect fit as it will be stitched as per your dimensions. Another route to take is that you can rent the clothes if you are hooked on that designer look, and it is the most practical decision as well as you aren’t gonna wear these clothes again.

4. Vocal for Local:
Another economically sound decision you can make is to rent a local decorator and choose Indian cuisine rather than going for fancy ones.

5. Open Ground:
Hotels and banquet halls cost around twice as much as renting an open ground as your wedding venue. So save your run on that.

6. Go Digital: You can save tons of paper and money as well by sending digital invites or e-invites instead of traditional wedding cards, which take a whole lot more time and resources and most importantly - money

So these are some of the ways that can help you save some cash and manage wedding budgets smartly while you are preparing for a very big step in your life. We wish you all the best and congratulations.


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