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Latest groom entry trends in 2022

The day a man becomes a husband is one of the most important days for him, he takes a step into the future with more responsibility and with a vision of a very different life, one with family and joy. This is the reason that the wedding day for men is equally important as it is for women. Men should also be made to feel special because it is a special moment for us. When you are dressed to stun you should also enter in the same way. Also, it's not all about the groom, he also “leads” the baraat marking the beginning of an auspicious and celebratory night.

So here are some of the latest groom entry trends of 2022 which are sure to create a spectacular scene as you walk your way towards the marriage mandap.

1. Best man :
The best man is a Christian concept but if your friendship runs deep why not enter with your best buddy riding you in a sidebar motorcycle. This filmy trend gives an ode to the film which was the epitome of friendship.

2. Tech to the future :
Segways are some amazing motor utility tools for traveling short distances, so why not ride one for your entry, works best if you are a tech nerd. We bet your significant other chose you for this quality. Just make sure you don't fall.

3. Cars are every boy’s fantasy :
Driving a vintage restored one for his wedding would be the best moment of a guy’s life. These beauties are restored to their former glory and exhibit a regal look, a vehicle worthy of the groom. You can also ride one back after you become husband and wife.

4. Your chariot awaits my King :
Wanna feel like a royal heir? Hire a chariot to display your emotions and add a regal look to your entrance, you can choose from a number of them and see which one fits your style.

5. Keep it Desi :
Riding a tractor adorned with decoration is still a very classy way to make an entrance. This trope works the best if your destination wedding is located in a more rural than urban area. You can blend in and still stand out, surely a memorable event for your guests.

6. Classic : Ride your way in on a steed of your choosing. Horses are still the staple ride for the groom's entrance and a worthy reason, they are magnificent beasts with raw power and the looks to match, now don't tell me you don't wanna feel the same way? Make sure that your ride isn’t a victim of animal cruelty and is kept and bred healthily.

Summed Up
So, these were some of the ideas consisting of both different and classic tried and tested ones. You can always mix and match these to create a more dynamic entrance for your big day. A few things to keep in mind is that some of the accessories listed above aren’t easy to come by, so make sure you prepare much in advance so it doesn’t hamper your grand entry at your wedding. All the best and congratulations.


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