Cocktail By Rama

The most premium venue fo your celebrations
The City Pride


When sophistication meets unparalleled bliss, an experience that imprints forever, Rama Group of Banquets brings to you Delhi NCR’s first-ever cocktail venue. Located in the heart of the City of Noida, near Sector 52 metro station, this prime estate is the up-and-coming contender for the best cocktail venue in the city.

Untangle your spirits and let them run free in this fusion of banquet and club, a symphony of aromatics and social festivity. Cocktail venues are the heart of mixology arts, creating a stage for people to unwind and celebrate simultaneously.

What are cocktails?

Cocktails are endless possibilities of amazing mixes, similar to Rama banquets that can cater to your each and every need. Cocktails are not your regular drinks they are measured concoctions that put you at ease while dishing out a taste and flavour that is unique and unmatched. Our venue serves you these refreshing beverages created by trained mixologists and barmen who will serve you a drink to your perfection. Mixologist enthusiasts can relish our one-of-a-kind bar stoked by state-of-the-art aesthetics. Our wide range of classic and contemporary cocktails is unparalleled and will always leave you wanting more. Discover a side of yourself that you can’t with other venues and fraternise in a manner that you have yet to know.

Aesthetics and structure

Our double-layered halls similar to our cocktails are a perfect fusion of traditional banquets envisioned with contemporary clubs. With a capacity for up to 200 party folks, we have created a space that is guaranteed never to let you down.

Groove your way onto our LED dance floor and let all your worries run free or simply just lay back and enjoy the view from the balcony-style decks.


Join us as the dusk falls on the city, escape your troubles, explore your taste in our fine drinks and lay back with our comfortable and eye-catching ambience. Hire us for an event and style the cocktail house in any way you like. Book us for a wedding reception and shape your celebrations any way you want with our elegant lounge.
Cocktail by Rama is shaped and envisioned for events such as bachelorette parties, post and pre-wedding celebrations and reception parties.
The venue is also shaped and structured in a way that it becomes an ideal place for conventional events such as cocktail parties, birthdays, kitty parties, receptions and formal wedding events.
With a little bit of customization, Cocktail by Rama also serves as a perfect playhouse for formal corporate events and corporate retreats.