Reet-by Rama


Our group - The Rama Group of banquets, strives to provide the best services to our customers and their guests. We offer amazing locations for grand celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate meets, talent shows, inauguration ceremonies, etc. We have amazing banquet or event halls spread throughout the city and all of them offer a class above the norm services and hospitality.

One of these services is the amazing sweet brand by the group called Reet by Rama. We offer amazing and delicious bundles of authentic Indian sweets that you can distribute to your wedding or event guests. It's our luxury brand for offerings and sweet boxes and other delights.

The quality of the products is truly unmatched and the products themselves go through rigorous quality checks, maintaining the quality of the brand is one of the priorities of the Rama group.

What does Reet by Rama represent?

Reet itself means a ritual or custom that is followed in Indian culture, our culture treats our guests as Gods (अतिथि देवो भव:) and we strive to truly give them the same treatment, our guests should never return without a smile out the door nor with doubt about the success of the event that you have so passionately hosted. Reet is the one-stop gifting solution to ensure that your guests are truly happy and satisfied in their hearts.

What’s in the box?

Reet is a combination of lots of products under one brand name, primarily it is gift boxes that you can customize with a variety of sweets that are made in desi ghee and are an absolute delight to eat. We also offer assorted dry fruits, which are a common tradition in numerous Indian festivals and rituals. There is again customization and variety in the choices. Apart from traditional sweets and dry fruits the Reet by Rama also offers exotic products such as designer cakes matching your theme, gift hampers, and even chandelier cakes which are all in line with your occasion.

Quality and variety apart, it is the traditional value that the Reet brand brings to the table that ups its value, adding to that the convenience of getting pre-made gift hampers from the very place that you are hosting the event is an unmatched advantage, you won’t have to worry about managing another catereror sweet supplier about the timely delivery of the products, all of this will be managed by the banquet itself, you can just simply sit back and enjoy the event and cater to your guests while Reet by Rama works its magic.